Deep Fried Games

About US!

Deep Fried Games is an Indie Studio based in Glasgow and our main focus is on creating the most fun and unique VR experiences. Our creative talents are perfectly offset by our terrible banter and you get to suffer through it all!

DFG is a friendly studio and we ways want to know your thoughts, so don't be shy. Get in touch here, or on twitter, @gamesdeep and chat with us about your feedback.

Our Head Honchos are: Glen Johnston and Gabe Maddaloni. Glen is our 3d Artist and Gabe is our Programmer. These guys founded DFG in February but had been working together since November of 2016, to create DFG officially.

Our Composer, James Simcox and our Sound Designer, Will Norval, are totally sound guys who make cool noises.

Thomas Salga works on designing levels and growing his hair.

Keren McGregor and Doug Jagger do fancy business stuff, on top of that, Keren is fabulous. She also may have wrote this..

Our Team

Gabriele Maddaloni Programmer

Glen Johnston 3D Artist

Doug Jagger Business Manager

Will Norval Sound Designer

James Simcox Composer

Thomas Salgarella Game Designer

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